Surveys & Damage Assessments

One of REZDM’s first requirement in order to plan our projects and possible actions was a deeper understanding of the damages inflicted by Hurricane Maria. We have already undertaken detailed aerial surveys of the community, allowing us to see both the natural and human needs. Although we are on the ground every day in the community the amount of details provided by our aerial surveys have allowed us to better evaluate the number of roofs damaged or totally destroyed. Out of approximately 400 roofs in the village of Soufriere only 40 roofs remained totally intact.

Household Roofs in Soufriere

Intact Household Roofs in Soufriere After Hurricane Maria

Aerial View of Soufriere for our Roof Survey


We are in the process of completing aerial surveys of both Scotts Head and Galion and also of the coast between Soufriere and Scotts Head in order to have the relevant data necessary to assess the implications of the community development plans for these areas.

The Sulphur Spring area will also require detail aerial and ground surveys in order to analyze the natural flow of water in this entire zone which will be crucial information to take into consideration during the planning process for the future rehabilitation and development of the Sulphur Spring as a unique asset for the community and the tourism industry.

These images are close-ups taken from the global aerial survey image of Soufriere.

The images below show Soufriere before and after Hurricane Maria.