School Children Nutrition Program

With the loss of many jobs and income in the community we are determined to find a way to expand on the previous “School Food Program”. Our long term goal for next school year will be to ensure that every child is getting one good nutritious meal every school day.

We intend to work with Petro Caribe and The National Lotteries to expand on their previous efforts and make this a reality.

The situation on the ground Post-Maria remains very challenging for the community, with no electricity and many damaged houses. This has made our goal difficult as we need a place to cook, a freezer for food and a place for the children to sit for lunch. This is not possible in the current temporary location of the school.

So while we continue to push for the program to be in full effect for the next school year we have had to work with our Parliamentary Representative, the Principal and teachers to find a temporary solution.

As a first step, we will soon be starting a nutritious school snack program where all children will get healthy sandwiches and juice for their snack times.