Consultation Services

One of the important challenges in a post disaster situation is ensuring that recovery and rebuilding efforts are combined and not duplicated and that available resources are used in the most efficient ways.  REZDM’s focus is to address community requirements that are specific and more easily identified and handled by organizations and people that are on the ground every day.  We are uniquely familiar with ongoing developments as a situation matures from disaster management to building resilience and we can provide guidance, knowledge and skills to help others achieve their objectives.  REZDM is therefore available for consultation and collaboration with people and organizations who work at improving communities.

For example, building a jetty in Soufriere was one of the first projects considered by REZDM as we understood its crucial necessity for fishermen, emergency evacuation and transportation in case of road failures as well as for tourism accessibility.  As we started exploring the various aspects of building a jetty in Soufriere, we learned that another initiative was already in discussion; as a result, REZDM assigned resources to provide consulting services for this project and conducted underwater surveys for the organizations and teams working on the Soufriere Jetty, which were then used to adjust and refine the specifications for the jetty design.

In parallel, REZDM pursed the development of a smaller, complementary jetty for the village of Scotts Head which is deemed essential considering the importance of the village’s fishing activities as well as the fact that the Scotts Head community can be easily isolated from Soufriere and the rest of the island by landslides and road washouts that occur between Scotts Head and Soufriere.

While working on identifying the location for the jetty in Scotts Head, it became obvious that this jetty, as well as any other intervention on the coastal zones of the Soufriere and Scotts Marine Reserve, would need to be designed and built in the context of a global costal plan covering the Southwest of the Island.

Since no extended, comprehensive costal plan existed for this area of Dominica,  REZDM took the mandate of collecting and assembling into a global and coherent plan the most current and prevalent recovery or development initiatives together with potential future projects slated for the coastal areas between Pointe Michel and Scotts Head.

More details on the coastal plan assembled and prepared by REZDM are available here.