The Soufriere Primary School

During hurricane Maria the main building of the Soufriere Primary school sustained major damage to its roof and subsequently experienced extensive water damage. The grounds were also flooded when the perimeter wall was topped by mud, water and collapsed trees carried downstream by the flooding river.
REZDM presented a project to the Minister of Education to rebuild the school and is working closely with the local Parliamentary Representative with the objective of having the fully rehabilitated school ready to receive the eighty local students in a comfortable environment that is conducive to learning.

We intend to build a new, hurricane resistant roof and to add a new, bigger and stronger retaining wall to prevent future flooding. REZDM will install a solar system to power the school that will also be used as a teaching tool about resilient power supply. We also intend to redesign the entry to the school through a “green Zone” that will be more resistant to flooding and a new Pre School building will be added in the expanded compound. REZDM will also take care of providing new school furniture and teaching tools to replace the equipment that was destroyed by hurricane Maria.

Even though REZDM will be handling both the financing and the supervision of the school reconstruction, other charitable partners will also contribute directly to the overall rehabilitation of the primary school such as Hands Across The Sea who will be providing a brand new library.

We anticipate that the children and their teachers could be back in a beautiful new compound at the beginning of 2019.