Pointe Michel to Scotts Head Coastal Plan exploratory version now available


REZDM has now completed the first iteration of a Coastal plan for the Southwest of Dominica covering the area from Pointe Michel to Scotts Head. The Costal plan takes into consideration the significant changes to the topology and reduced habitability of the littoral since hurricane Maria as well as the expected increase of activities associated with tourism.

The general objective of the coastal plan is to establish or refine specific and coexisting usage zones that are compatible with the protection of the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR) while allowing for a managed and controlled expansion of the touristic activities in the costal zones of the Southwest of the Island.

The selection of the proposed locations for each activity and zone that are included in the Coastal Plan REZDM has been made factoring in resilience and the ability for rapid recovery from natural disasters.

The next steps towards further elaboration of the Coastal plan are to continue and extend public and government consultations and expand the plan to include inland areas that can have direct impact on the Coastal zones included in the plan.

The Coastal Plan is now available here on the REZDM website.

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