New, Resilient Soufriere Primary School Now Open!

Soufriere Primary School

On September 4, 2019 the children from Soufriere, Scotts Head and Galion moved back into the Soufriere Primary School for the first time since Hurricane Maria in 2017. There was great excitement in the community for this important step for the children, parents and especially for the teachers and principal who were relieved to move out from their temporary, challenging teaching environment into their entirely refurbished and improved school.

To make sure that the end result of the project would accomplish all of its goals, throughout the project REZDM consulted with the Ministry of Education, the Principal, the teachers and the parents to take into consideration the various needs for a new and improved space providing inspiring learning conditions.

Although the children and teachers are returning to the same physical location, the buildings composing the Soufriere Primary School are now very different from what they were prior to Hurricane Maria.

The Soufriere Primary School has been an important project for the REZDM team and we are very happy to be able to turn the keys over to the Ministry of Education and the community of Soufriere.

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