Champagne Area

The Costal Plan highlights the Champagne area as the gateway to the South and the entrance point leading to Soufriere and Scotts Head. The Champagne site offers unrealized potential for the development of touristic activities with minimal impact on the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR).

The Champagne site could accommodate new attractions like an underwater statue park, a shipwreck and various water activities like snorkeling, diving, snuba, etc. Because of the shallow waters along that portion of the coastline, most of the underwater attractions would be located close to the shore and easily accessible by visitors with various swimming, snorkeling or diving abilities.

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Soufriere Area

Soufriere is at the center of the South district. The construction of a new jetty in Soufriere gives the opportunity to improve on the existing assets of the village while adding new community facilities such as lockers for the Soufriere fishermen and a dedicated zone for local vendors to sell their goods to visitors and residents alike.

The coexistence of a natural fish nursery, a turtle nesting area, coral reefs, a public beach and scuba diving zones at proximity to the village presents an interesting challenge that only community consensus based on a coherent Costal Plan can address.

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Scotts Head Area

Located at the far South of the island, the Scotts Head area is one of the most photographed locations in Dominica, in great part because of the uniqueness of Scotts Head itself as well as for the exceptional views of the Soufriere Bay from the peninsula.

The Costal Plan for this area aims to maintain the natural beauty and features of the Scotts Head peninsula while integrating existing and future touristic activities in specific zones where resilient infrastructures can be built and made easily accessible.

Scotts Head offers the possibility to create a distinctive and interesting combination of fishing and touristic activities in one of the most beautiful vistas in the Caribbean.

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