Champagne – Close Up Area Statues & Shipwreck

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Beach & Champagne

Statues & Shipwreck

The Costal Plan highlights the Champagne area as the gateway to the South and the entrance point leading to Soufriere and Scotts Head. The Champagne site offers unrealized potential for the development of touristic activities with minimal impact on the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve (SSMR).

The Champagne underwater bubbles have been a long-time attraction for snorkelers and divers; however, hurricane Maria destroyed the wooden boardwalk built to bring visitors closer to the bubbles’ zone and the overall access to this unique location has been severely impaired.

The opportunity now exists to revisit the entire Champagne area and create a larger marine recreation zone that could cater to a wider variety and number of visitors, with the Champagne bubbles being only one of the attractions at the site.

The Champagne site could accommodate new attractions like an underwater statue park, a shipwreck and various water activities like snorkeling, diving, snuba, etc. Because of the shallow waters along that portion of the coastline, most of the underwater attractions would be located close to the shore and easily accessible by visitors with various swimming, snorkeling or diving abilities.

The close proximity to Roseau makes the Champagne area a natural destination for cruise ships tours and other groups with limited visiting time looking for unique experiences. Carefully planned parking will be essential and integral to the viability of such a remarkable site.

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