Scotts Head Close Up Beach & Yacht Moorings

Fishermen-Vendors Facilities

Jetty & Restaurants-Marine Services

Beach & Yachts Moorings

Located at the far South of the island, the Scotts Head area is one of the most photographed locations in Dominica, in great part because of the uniqueness of Scotts Head itself as well as for the exceptional views of the Soufriere Bay from the peninsula.

The natural beauty of the isthmus separating the Atlantic Ocean from the Caribbean Sea is stunning; however, the topology of the isthmus, exposed to potential destruction by natural elements, is not conducive to the building of permanent and resilient infrastructures.

The Costal Plan for this area therefore aims to maintain the natural beauty and features of the Scotts Head peninsula while integrating existing and future touristic activities in specific zones where resilient infrastructures can be built and made easily accessible while showcasing the natural assets of the area.

Other particular considerations in establishing the Coastal Plan include improving the facilities and equipment available to the important community of Scotts Head’s fishermen.

Hurricane Maria has irrevocably reduced the habitability of certain previously occupied zones close to the shore. Whereas residential zoning in these areas is no longer a safe possibility, resilient commercial and touristic sites can be designed to accommodate new vendors, Caribantic event space, fishermen facilities, restaurants and marine services as well as a protected beach area.

Scotts Head offers the possibility to create a distinctive and interesting combination of fishing and touristic activities in one of the most beautiful vistas in the Caribbean; the Costal Plan lays the ground to achieve this goal.